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In GIST The Essence of Raising Life-Ready Kids, psychologist Michael Anderson and pediatrician Tim Johanson take parenting into a new paradigm. Raising children today has never been more challenging as parents feel the stress of watching their children grow up not ready for life in the adult world.


GIST will give new and valuable insight into the process of how kids mature through their experiences of life, what the authors call a "checklist to adulthood." You will be given new ways of thinking about learning and anti-learning, fun and joy, self-esteem, minimizing shame, understanding self-protective behavior, over-talking to your kids, why kids do stuff that drives you crazy, and the importance of truth-telling.


GIST will make you think, force you to go deeper, and may even ruffle some feathers. Like it or not, many parents today are struggling and the younger generation is now living out the consequences of ineffective, over-nurturing, over-indulgent, and over-protective approaches. GIST focuses on how looking at parenting differently is the first step in growing-up your children.

Amazon Reviews are 5 stars!!


-"This Book!! Wow! I'm a lifer nanny in for the long haul with a passion for reading any book on parenting. Most dissapoint. This blew me away! I am now telling all my parent/nanny friends about this book."


-"Over the past year I read just about every parenting book I could get my hands on. The overall content of those other books gave us insight, but never really hit on any of the issues like blame, dependence, negativity, hopelessness, media obsession and anger. This book hit every topic. It's as though the authors have been sitting in our living room. It's a game changer!"


-"This is a seminal book that is full of eye-opening, non-traditional insights. In an age where young adults are taking longer and longer to mature, this book 'nails it' as to why and what to do about it. It is nothing short of revolutionary thinking."


-"Powerfully practical read! The absolute best book on parenting on the market today. This is a book that changes the game for all parents. A must read no matter what age kid you have."

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